What Price Glory and Hit Points

From Sham’s Grog ‘n Blog:

What Price Glory is a collection of Rules Packets for combat. Each collection of rules or packets may be used alone, or with any combination of the other modular pieces of What Price Glory. As a whole, these Rules Packets present a detailed, advanced combat model for D&D encounters. What Price Glory is presented in this segmented, modular format to allow referees to pick and choose from amongst these alternate rules, and to fine tune and alter them to taste.

Dave is presenting five of these small rules packets in each post. Today’s post covers hit points, Damage, Death, Combat Sequence, and Initiative. So far, these rules look quite nice to me, that is they could make OD&D (or other early edition D&D) combat more interesting without making it much more complex or time-consuming. I’m looking forward to the next two parts of this series.

His hit points rules split hit points into two parts: Vital Hit Points and Fatigue Hit Points). This is an interesting system, but I think I like my old Body Points/Fatigue Points system a bit better. Go on over and read Dave’s post full of interesting rules while I see if i can’t put a post together describing the system we used back in the day.

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