Where No Man Has Gone Before — D20 Style

Where No Man Has Gone Before is nicely-formatted 70 page PDF rule book for a Star Trek: The Original Series RPG using D20 rules. It is very well done and could be considered “rules light” except for the relatively complex ship combat system. While I haven’t played it, it reads like a better game than the various commercial attempts at a Star Trek RPG I’ve seen and/or played. The designer, Mike Berkey, deserves a round of applause for pulling this off. The free 1.56 mb PDF is well worth the download if you have any interest in Star Trek roleplaying. The web page and downloads are hosted the Mike’s home computer, so if the link above leads nowhere his computer is probably off.

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OK, I think I need to spread this around to my friends. This looks like something fun to play as one-shot or mini-series.