OD&D Books from PDFs: The Pictures

Here are the pictures of my homemade OD&D booklets — printed from the PDFs as described in this post from last weekend:Recreating the OD&D Booklets. Unfortunately, due to the rain and high humidity, the cardstock covers haven’t quite flattened yet — but they will.

The original three “Little Beige Books” aren’t beige any more.

The first three supplements

These are not as nice looking as my originals, but they are far more useful at the game table as they can be easily and cheaply replaced if they are damaged. I can even mark them up if I want to without feeling guilty.

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Sham aka Dave

These look great Randall. I did almost the exact same procedure, but I didn't bother with cardstock. I did leave them all overnight under a huge stack of 1E books to get them nice and flat. I actually made about 12 copies of M&M for my game sessions. The players can fold and make notes in them. It's great having these as PDFs. I finally acquired my "beater" copies of Vol.s 1-3 as well as supplements 1 and 2. I'm hunting for a beater copy of Eldritch Wizardry. Regardless, I ended up using my PDF M&M this past weekend. Even… Read more »


Extra copies of M&M for players? That's an excellent idea. I think I'll borrow it.