Received Five Boxes of Old RPG (mainly D&D) Items

A friend of mine who played in my 1970s D&D games and PBM campaigns through most of the 1980s (he was in the military, retired after over 30 years) died early last year — from a heart attack at the relatively young at age 64. Like a lot of old friends who had been separated by distance we had dropped to occasional phone calls and birthday/Christmas cards. The fact that I was still in Texas and he had retired to the Alaskan boondocks (without reliable Internet access) had a lot to do with that.

He left me much of his collection of tabletop RPGs — supposedly everything his son did not want. This bequest had slipped my mind so I was surprised to get five medium to large size boxes in the mail yesterday from his son. Five boxes full of lots of games from the 1970s and 1980s. It turned out all Todd kept was the stuff he had grown up playing: the 2nd edition D&D stuff (5 more boxes of stuff, Todd said), an apparently huge collection of White Wolf World of Darkness games that I did not even know Jay had, and a small number of other games from the 1990s. All the older stuff he boxed up and set to me even though he suspected that I probably had a lot of it.

I’ve started to look through all this material. It looks like all the early (say, pre-1980) TSR stuff is there including the brown box copy of D&D I gave Jay for a birthday present. There’s a Guideon Games edition of Chainmail (And Tractics, of all things). There is lot of Wee Warriors stuff (their three adventures and more), copies of The Strategic Review, early issues of The Dragon and White Dwarf, just about everything (I think) Judges Guild ever published, Gamelords Thieves’ Guild packets, Traveller stuff, Runequest stuff, first edition C&S stuff, Tunnels & Trolls (various editions) and modules, Superhero 2044, High Fantasy hardbacks, Legacy, Adventures in Fantasy, Castle Perilous, lots of fanzines (Traveller, D&D, EPT), Arduin Grimoires, Palladium stuff, photocopied (?) tournament modules, TFT, and probably more stuff as it is just all mixed in together. And Todd told me he shipped eight boxes so there are three more boxes to come.

My wife is not really happy to see all this stuff as she made me promise when we got married that my already large collection of gaming material would not grow much — one of the reason why I am now a big fan of PDFs. I have promised her that I will use the better items as donor goodies for RetroRoleplaying Cancer Fund drives this year and that I will give away or sell all the duplicates of things I already have. I suspect my Sunday group (or those who choose to play today rather than watch the Superbowl) will be happy to learn that they get first choice any of the stuff I can’t really use as donor items — starting with a bunch of Judge’s Guild items. I’ll also be starting a donation drive tomorrow or Tuesday. If figure if I start out by demonstrating that I really am not planning on keeping all this stuff, my wife will actually believe me. At the moment, I don’t think she does. The way my eyes probably lit up as I was flipping through this boxes probably had something to do with this. Jay would probably have found that hilarious and egged her on.

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That's quite the inheritance! Sorry to hear about your friend. But it's wonderful that you're honoring him by donating to the cancer fund.


Sorry to hear about your loss. Alaskas not that bad over all. Little cold in the winter, kinda warm I the summer.


Hi Randall—

I'm sorry to hear about the passing of your friend. That's always hard. It sounds like you guys had gamed together a long time, so hopefully you'll have lots of good memories from your time together.

When you have time, I'm very curious to hear more about the tournaments adventures you received: I'm working on a big update to my early D&D and Greyhawk tourneys web page @ and would welcome any new info you can provide.



@Grodog: We looked at the photocopies during the game yesterday and I may have been wrong about them being tournament dungeons. The ones we could sort out easily look to be copies of adventures ran at early DunDraCons and I don't think DunDraCon did actual tournament dungeons the way GenCon did. However, there's a lot of stuff that isn't (at least not obviously) from DunDraCons. Worse, the material is in no order. It looks like someone took a couple of hundred pages of photocopied material tossed in in the air a few times and piled up the result. If worst… Read more »


I'd be happy to check them out and to help ID whatever I can, Randall. Shoot me an email when you'd like to discuss them further!: