1975 Gygax Article on Dungeon Design in PDF Format

0e D&D illoGary Gygax contributed an article on setting up a D&D campaign to an issue of a fanzine called europa 6-8 in April 1975. Until today, I’ve only seen a very poor photocopy of this article — such a poor copy that some parts were completely unreadable. Thanks to Kent of Some King’s Kent blog, I now have a nice pdf copy of this article. Kent reformatted the original and made a pdf. The entire copy is readable so Kent must have been working from an original (or at least a much better copy than I had).

It’s a fairly short article, but it gives some good advice on setting up a Lake Geneva style campaign. Best of all, it gives some details of the original Greyhawk castle dungeon. You can download you copy from Kent’s blog: Gygax 1975 – How To Set Up Your Dungeons & Dragons Campaign.

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