OSR.SPACE Soft Opening

While OSR.SPACE isn’t complete, it is far enough along that we are ready to accept some registrations and let people start using the forums, groups, and other areas of the site. As you can see, it is pretty bare content-wise right now as I’ve been concentrating on getting the site up and running. If you are a fan of Old School Tabletop Roleplaying Games (either the original games or their modern clones and variants), register an account and become a founding member of the OSR.SPACE community. Of course, you can post messages in the forums, use the groups (including starting your own groups), etc. Our rules are short and sweet. Feel free to invite your friends.

The OSR.SPACE soft opening is really a beta test. I don’t expect major breakdowns, but some stuff may not work or may not work as expected. Please report issues in theĀ Soft Opening (aka Beta Test) Issues in the Site and Community forum in our Community Discussions area.

Be sure to check out the Around the OSR page!

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