RetroRoleplaying’s EVERYTHING for $29.95 Bundle — Take Two

Government Reopening Sale

Last month, to celebrate the new year bundled every game we’ve published into a single “Everything” bundle for $29.95 (less if you already owned some of our games). Unfortunately this one week sale was during the US government shutdown and several people told us they wanted to take advantage of the offer but could not because they were not being paid (even though they were required to work in some cases). Now that the government has reopened and government workers are getting paid again, we’ve decided to repeat the January offer by making this low priced “Everything we have published” bundle available for another seven days. This bundle includes all of our games, paid and pay-what-you-want. Yes, this includes our most popular paid games — Microlite74 Ultimate Edition, BX Advanced, Microlite81 Advanced Expanded Edition, Microlite78 First Edition Lite Expanded, Microlite20 Comprehensive Edition.

You can get the bundle on : RPGNow or DrivethruRPG

What’s the catch? This bundle will only be available for seven (7) days. One week. After February 7th, this bundle will disappear. So if you’d like to get a large number of games for a very low price, you’ll need to act fast.

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