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Many Interesting New Old School Games at RPGNow

When I go out to RPGNow there’s generally only one or two new games that get my attention, so I was surprised to discover a five such games this morning. Unfortunately, most are well above my PDF price limit of $10. However, I thought I would point them out on my blog as the Christmas season is approaching and my wife has been known to check my blogs for gift ideas. The Forbidden Caverns of ... »

BX Advanced: A Draft Barbarian Class

One of the most requested classes so far for BX Advanced is the Barbarian. It’s not found in either Labyrinth Lord or its Advanced Edition Companion — probably because the original class from Unearth Arcana was a bit over-powered and hard to play in a normal party with spell-casters. I’ve tried to piece together a Barbarian class suitable for BX Advanced from open game content so... »

Frog God Games Now Has An Official Discord Server

Someone associated with Frog God Games just posted on following on the Microlite20 message board. As the board doesn’t get much use, I decided to report the info here. I’m personally not that interested in voice chat, but I know many gamers are, so this may be news at least some old school players can use. Frog God Games produces some very high quality (and often very expensive) stuff ... »

New Old School Sunday Game Campaign Coming Together

Yesterday was the first meeting of what will hopefully soon become my next Sunday Game. Six potential players and myself met over all-you-can-eat pizza to discuss campaign and rules ideas. After several hours (and a lot of pizza and soft drinks) we’ve hashed out some ideas for my next old school campaign. It will be set in a version of the Judges Guild Wilderlands — the main difference... »

How I Recruit Players for my Old School Games

I occasionally receive email asking me how I manage to get so many players for my old school games — giving that most potential players aren’t familiar with them — or if they are familiar with them do not have a very positive opinion of old school play. Given that the basement gaming area of my new house in Ohio is finally available and I’m currently recruiting players in y... »

Old School Design Idea: 99% of the Population are Zero Level Characters

I have been thinking about my next game design and after much thought, I’ve designed I would like to take 0e and “redesign” it with some different assumptions. The first of these different assumptions will actually be more like what the original designers probably expected. The game will be based on the idea that at least 99% of the population are 0 level characters who have 6 hi... »

Playing D&D 3e Without Tears

A week or so ago, I mentioned that I was playing in a D&D 3e game — a long running campaign that started as a 2e game in the early 1990s — and that the campaign avoided most of the many 3e problems discussed on forums because the game was played as if it were 2e and used a few house rules to fix some of the more obvious issues. Naturally, I was asked what those house rules are. So ... »

Still Alive But Now in Ohio

I suspect (okay, I hope) that at least a few people are wondering where I’ve been the past four and a half months. I’ve been busy selling our house in Garland, TX and moving to Youngstown, OH. My wife’s MS had reached the point where the high heat combined with the high humidity in North Central Texas was making her life unbearable. And there was no way we could afford the energy... »

Dungeon World Hits My Microlite7x Sunday Game Group

One of my four Sunday game players was going to be out of town for business for the last three Sundays in April. Originally, I was going to run my Sunday game for the remaining three players running some of their henchmen as PCs. However, the week before this was to start, the subject of Dungeon World came up on the group mailing list with one of the players asking me what I thought of the game. A... »

It’s Not About The Mechanics

I posted about the nearly five year long campaign I ran in Waco (and that is still going under new GMs) recently on a forum. I received an a PM asking how I could run a game that used basically OD&D rules (filtered through Microlite74) for over 150 sessions without being bored by the simple and uninteresting mechanics. The answer is pretty simple. I am not interested in the mechanics as mechan... »