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OD&D Adventure: Under Xylarthen’s Tower

Jeff Rients has posted a OD&D module, Under Xylarthen’s Tower, over at Jeff’s Gameblog in this post: my module: now less crappy. Under Xylarthen’s Tower is a very nice 6 level old school dungeon in a pdf file. It even has a dragon’s lair. Jeff has some interesting takes on monsters as well. That’s one of the nice things about OD&D, the monster descriptions wer... »

Speaking of Tunnels & Trolls — Free Intro T&T Rulebook

I had not thought much of Tunnels & Trolls recently. Then I get sent from T&T links last week. Now I discover that Flying Buffalo is apparently trying to spark some interest in Tunnels & Trolls with a free sixteen page T&T rulebook/solo adventure. From the description at This is a short version of the full Tunnels & trolls Rules. It is sufficient to play the solitai... »

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Opens May 22nd. Here’s the trailer: How much more “Old-School Adventure” can you get? »

Game Style Quiz Results

This quiz is actually fairly accurate for me — at least with respect to what I’m not as interested in in RPGs (combat and getting the most powerful character possible). However, I would not describe what I am interested in quite a strongly as it is described here. I want a campaign to feel like I the characters were in a novel instead of a video game, but I don’t expect the campa... »

Tunnels & Trolls Goodness

A member of one of the non-gaming message boards I hang out on saw this blog and sent me some Tunnels and Trolls links — including lots of freebies! Thanks to Oaksworn for this information. Randall,I didn’t see an option to leave comments on your RetroRoleplaying blog without creating an account so I thought I’d pass along a couple of links via PM here. Don’t worry, I won&#... »

FAST — A Simple Universal RPG

In the 1990s, I spent a lot of my spare time trying to design a very simple, universal roleplaying game. I was attempting to recapture the spirit of the games I started playing in the mid-1970s. I finally decided that the best way to recapture that feeling wasn’t to create an entire new game, but to just play the old games like really liked. FAST (Flexible Adventure System, Task-oriented) wa... »

Judges Guild Magazines Bring Back Memories

As most of the commercial adventures designed for Original D&D were published by Judges Guild, I knew I was going to have to dig out my Judges Guild stuff sooner or later so I could list the better D&D adventures on After reading that Bob Bledsaw has terminal cancer on Dragonsfoot, I decided to do so sooner — as in yesterday. Naturally, when I pulled out the box... »