Advanced Marvel Superheroes

Aaron Allston’s Strike Force and the Champions RPG

I found my copy of Aaron Allston’s Strike Force in a box a few weeks ago. I hadn’t read it since in came out in 1988 so I set it aside to re-read. Reading it reminded of how much I enjoyed running Champions games back in the early 1980s. I read Aaron’s review of the first edition of Champions in The Space Gamer and had to have a copy. Fortunately, I had a couple of friends who we... »

Looking for Advanced Marvel Superheroes Blogs and Websites

As I mentioned in a recent post (A FASERIP December For Me), I’ll be running a few sessions of TSR’s Advanced Marvel Superheroes in December instead of taking our usual 3-4 week holiday break. If any readers know of any good Advanced Marvel Superheroes blogs or web sites, I’d really appreciate links to them in comments to this post. I already know about the Classic Marvel Forever... »

A FASERIP December For Me

As many long time readers of this blog know, my Sunday campaign usually halts for a few weeks around Christmas and New Years. There’s just too much stuff going on to get enough of the group together every Sunday. This year was going to be worse than usual as I was going to lose two players to the Christmas retail season (one is now a manager of a store and the other is going to be selling hi... »