Perhaps Really Huge Dungeons Aren’t “Unrealistic” After All

I stumbled across an article on a huge complex of man-made tunnels under parts of China that were apparently, like the Great Wall, built to help defend the Northern part of China from invaders.  From the article (click here to read the entire article): Experts have dug out similar war passages in Yongqing, Xiong county, and Bazhou. The ancient war passages are about 65 kilometers from east to west... »

There’s Only One Megadungeon

I discussion of megadungeons vs small dungeons on the RPGsite reminded me of how I handled dungeons in one campaign in the late 1970s. There was only one real dungeon in the world, all dungeons deserving of the name were magically linked. Not obviously linked in many cases, but linked nevertheless. In some cases magically linked corridors were only open to monsters or people who were initiates of ... »

The Long Stairs — Modern World (Or Post Holocaust) Megadungeon Exploration

I’ve discovered a very interesting (not to mention, very long) thread on RPG today titled “Voices From Below and the Long Stairs.” It’s a setting thread of what I can only describe as a modern world megadungeon. There are a lot of interesting ideas here. Here’s the setup from the first post (written by Bailywolf). Well over 1000 posts follow in the first thread, then ... »

Under the Pyramid: A Megadungeon — Level Three (Part One)

I made the mistake of saying “Coming soon: Level Three” in my Under the Pyramid: A Megadungeon — Level Two post on November 7th. Here it is — or at least the first half of it. Better late than never, I guess. The third level under the pyramid is a group of five major areas only loosely connected together. Many characters only discovered the major area with the serpent men a... »

Under the Pyramid: A Megadungeon — Level Two

Sorry for the delay, I had intended to do one level of the dungeon every day. Unfortunately, offline life is not cooperating. However, here is a description — taken from my old design notes — of the second level of my Under the Pyramid megadungeon from the 1970s. Before I start, I need to add a bit of information to my description of the first level. In each of the goblin camp areas, t... »

Under the Pyramid: A Megadungeon — Level One

The very first dungeon I created was a double pyramid. Imagine a diamond shaped building buried in the ground do that only a large pyramid is visible. As might be expected, this dungeon was awful. People had fun playing in it, but it was boring, packed with rooms to the point that it would have needed lots magic to keep it from collapsing in on itself, and far too random. So I blew it up when I cr... »