My Five Favorite Microlite20-Based Games

With the publication of the third edition of The Microlite20 RPG Collection, I’ve been asked what some of my favorite Microlite20-based games are as there are a large number of variants in the collection. I’m always reluctant to answer such questions as my tastes in games don’t always match up well with the tastes of others. However, for what its worth, here are my five favorite ... »

Microlite20-based Pathfinder LITE Available for Free Download

The latest version of Morgan Mains’ Pathfinder LITE is now available for download in PDF format in Microlite20.org‘s download area. Pathfinder LITE is a Microlite20-like versiion of Pathfinder. Mains says this about the game: “I really liked much of what Pathfinder brought to the game table. However I still wanted the sleek, robust, ruleset of Microlite20. What I did was take the... »

Free RPG Day: Over 100 Free RPGs on Microlite20.org

Today, June 20th 2015, is free RPG day. If you do not live near a participating game store, there are a lot of free RPGs available online. RetroRoleplaying.com‘s new sister site, Microlite20.org, currently hosts over 100 free Microlite20-based roleplaying games with more to come: the original tiny Microlite20 (and some very big and more complete “large” editions), many Microlite2... »

New Microlite20 Web Site: Microlite20.org

As the official Microlite20 website (microlite20.net) has a history of disappearing or being non-functional for various (often long) periods of time, I have created a new (and very unofficial) home for Microlite20 (and all its variants): Microlite20.org. At the moment, Microlite20.org is a small one page site that briefly explains what Microlite20 is, how to download a copy, how to find the librar... »

Fourteen New Free Microlite20 Downloads (Including 5e Variants)

I’ve added a number of new Microlite20 supplements and variants to the download area of the RetroRoleplaying web site. Some of these are brand new, others are updates of older files. Three new Microlite20 “5e” variants are included. Both the downloads and the games are free. Added: In case you can’t figure out how to download files, the links below take you to a file descri... »

Whither Microlite20?

I received an email over the weekend bemoaning the fact that latest versions of Seth Drebitko’s revision of Microlite20 seems to be pulling a “DnD 4e” — publishing an almost completely different game under the name of an older game and that you had to pay to download copies of Microlite20. I was somewhat surprised by this because the last version of Seth’s revision I ... »

Original Microlite20 Rules in Word Processor Formats

I’ve been told that it’s hard to find editable “doc” files of the original Microlite20 rules on the web any more. Some googling on my part backed this up. So I’ve created a lightly formatted file with the rules to the original Microlite20 in Word 2010 and saved it in .docx, .doc, .rtf, and .odt formats and uploaded a zip file of those four formats to the Microlite20 d... »

Encounter-Ending Powers are a Good Thing!

There’s apparently a new designer article on D&D 5e up on turning undead. It looks like 5e might be moving away from the WOTC standard of “turn dead just does damage to undead” and moving more toward the TSR D&D standard of turn undead actually driving away or even destroying undead. You know, like the effect of the cross on vampires in legend — which is where the i... »

UPDATE: The Searchers of the Unknown RPG Collection Revised Available for Free Download

I no sooner posted about the The Searchers of the Unknown RPG Collection than I received a new of new and updated variant rules sets. Rather than wait an entire year to include this, I decided to release a 2012 Revised Edition (as i did with the Microlite20 ROG Collection in 2010). The 2012 Revised Edition adds the SotU Wilderness Encounter Generator, Brickmasters of the Unknown GrueHawk, and Supe... »

NEW: The Searchers of the Unknown RPG Collection Available for Free Download

I noticed that many of the links to the various Searchers of the Unknown games listed in my Searchers of the Unknown One Page RPG: The Many Variants post from about a year ago have gone bad. Some of them seem to have disappeared from the Net completely (except behind Scribd’s download paywall which is really annoying given that the games themselves are free). Therefore I decided to quickly t... »